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2019 - 20 Math-a-thon

Our school is going to be having a school wide Math-A-Thon in October of 2019. We will run the Math-A-Thon during the week of October 16 - 29, 2019. The purpose of this Math-A-Thon is to raise awareness of the importance of numeracy skills, motivate and excite our students about math, and to raise funds for our school in the areas of literacy, technology, school spirit events, and student incentive programs like lunch with the principal, popcorn movies, certificates and swimming rewards. Detailed pledge packages will be sent home toward the end of October.

We are currently planning for the prizes and incentives that will be used to help motivate and reward students for their efforts to secure pledges. All participating students will be eligible for the random draws and the school wide incentive celebration. In addition, we would like to present certificates to students and prizes for those achieving extraordinary results.

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