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NO SECRETS PROGRAM - CASASC and Government of Alberta

The Central Alberta Sexual Assault Support Center (CASASC) with support from the Alberta Government will be presenting a program called NO SECRETS to all students at IRIC in February.  CASASC provides counselling, advocacy and referrals to victims/survivors of sexual abuse, their families and significant others within Central Alberta.  Their agency also provides free of charge education programs for those ages 4 and up.

The education programs provided by the Central Alberta Sexual Assault Support Centre are split into age appropriate programs.  

The No Secrets Program designed for grade 4 students has a focus on safe and unsafe touches, body ownership, personal and physical boundaries, differences between safe secrets and unsafe secrets and knowing who to go to for help (trust circle). During this program students will play games, watch a short video, be given "No Secret" pencils and "No Secrets" capsules. The No Secrets program extends to grades 5 and 6 adding information about body boundaries, healthy relationships and consent. 

The program consists of 2 - 40 minute presentations over 2 days.  With the sensitive delivery of the program students will:

-understand their right to set personal physical boundaries

-learn about the differences between safe and unsafe touches

-learn about safe and unsafe secrets

-be educated and empowered about consent using age-appropriate examples

-be provided with techniques to support a friend who is experiencing sexual harassment

-be given resources that are available for kids when they need help

-learn about the foundations of healthy relationships

-examine the relationship between choices and resulting consequences

-identify potentially unsafe situations in the community and develop strategies to reduce risk

-discuss and participate in activities about body ownership and body boundaries

*This presentation is not sexual education, it is safety education. 

Further information about this presentation may be directed to Admin or the SSW at IRIC.

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