Parents of Iron Ridge Intermediate Society (PIRIS)

Parents of Iron Ridge Intermediate Society

PIRIS volunteers installing additional playground equipment

Parents of Iron Ridge Intermediate Society - PIRIS for short, is a volunteer fundraising body of IRIC. Because we are not part of the school like parent/school council we can qualify for government grants as a bonus. We have been approved with AGLC to work Bingo's and Casino's (dates TBA.) Our goal is to provide the school with EXTRAS that are not in the school budget.

PIRIS will raise money through school fundraisers, donations from businesses and other non-profit organizations, hot lunch program, and Casino's and Bingo's.

Your 2018 Executive Board is:

President - Jen MacNeil

Vice-President - Andrea Hiebert

Treasurer - Carolyn Horman

Secretary - Karen Phillips

Bingo/Casino Chairperson - Robert McMillan

Board members:

Jody Ellis

Corrine Cholin

Sarah Westergreen

Shelley Thomas

Louise Rellis

Darryl Stendie 

Please feel free to contact anyone on the board if you would like to sit in on a meeting or have a fundraising idea you would like to present. You can send an email to