Student Reporting and Report Cards

FreshGrade provides parents with an on-going window into the classroom in order to stay up-to-date about what and how their child is learning. Parents no longer have to wait until report cards or parent-teacher interviews to identify struggles or to celebrate successes. FreshGrade is private to parents and students unless parents choose to share with other family members such as grandparents.

FreshGrade is the online program we use to share student assignments and progress throughout the school year. This program allows us to provide regular feedback about student learning to the students as well as to the parents. By receiving information about student progress on a regular basis, it makes receiving a paper report card at the end of a term outdated information when it arrives. Therefore, we will no longer be sending paper report cards home in late January as we had in the past. However, a progress update will be published to each parent within FreshGrade in early February that will help summarize all of the valuable information about student progress to this point. Teachers will comment on major/significant outcomes within FreshGrade including specific goals that are being worked on. 

For information on viewing and printing your student's report card, please click here.

Each year in September, parents will receive an email to connect to their child's FreshGrade Portfolio. Parents do not need to make a new account each year and will be able to use the original account throughout K-12 within Wolf Creek Public Schools. This will allow parents and students to look back at previous years learning and activities. Downloading the FreshGrade Parent App on personal devices will allow parents to have the most efficient experience when viewing a child's progress on a regular basis. FreshGrade is also designed for teachers to send highlights of a child's learning. These highlights will appear like a text message through FreshGrade. A paper copy of the final report card will be sent home with each student on the last day of classes in June.

We are excited to incorporate FreshGrade into our reporting practices and are confident that it will give parents a better idea of their child's academic progress. We believe that this increased communication about a child's learning will help support day to day learning and, will provide parents with an understanding of what their child is learning. We hope this process allows parents to feel more involved in their child's schooling and provides more opportunities to talk with their children about what they are learning. 

We always value opportunities to see parents face to face. Therefore, we will continue to see parents at official interviews and Celebration of Learning times as well as anytime throughout the year as needed.