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Steve Harmer Magic Show - Brilliant and Resilient

Taken from the Steve Harmer Website:

All of us are BRILLIANT in some areas of our lives and we come to school to get even smarter. Also, all of us are RESILIENT in some areas of our lives. This assembly presentation shares some ideas to help us become even more RESILIENT. It will help us recover from setbacks and to spring back into shape more quickly.
The subtitle is “Developing Smart, Strong and Successful Kids”. When we choose to work hard in school, we can become Smarter, Stronger and more Successful! We all can become more BRILLIANT and RESILIENT!

Why do we need to learn about RESILIENCE?
Teachers and parents would love to help students live happy lives, free of physical pain, worries and emotional hurt. Kids would never break a bone, lose a ball game or get a grade lower than an A. If only we could live in a perfect world without bullying, peer pressure, family break-ups, sickness or poverty. We would love to wave a magic wand and protect kids from struggle, failure, and rejection.

We all must learn to face the “ups and downs” of life. Along with the sunshine, we must have rain. Along with successes we face failure. Life brings good times and bad times. It is part of being human. And here is the good news. Often it is the struggle that makes us strong!

Adversity can become an advantage. Trouble can be a great teacher. This assembly program presents the 7 - C’s that will help empower us with RESILIENCY:

  • Connection
  • Confidence
  • Competence
  • Contribution
  • Coping
  • Control
  • Character

Terry Fox Run 2018

Our students rallied together to raise over $4000 for the Terry Fox Run. Thank you for all your help and support.

Sept 28 Assembly

Celebrating our Terry Fox run and honouring the survivors of our residential school system with Orange Shirt Day.

Grade 6 Camp - 2018

Here are a few of our Grade 6 camp photos. Even though the weather was chilly, our students had a great day and learned some extraordinary new skills.

Wild Spirit Singers and Dancers from Big Horn

The Nakoda people of the Big Horn Reserve west of Nordegg have a drumming and dancing presentation that is of the first order. This presentation was a powerful exposure to the dynamic interplay that First Nations people have with Mother Nature and the spiritual forces that govern all races. The singing and drumming are strong and haunting, and the dancers, adorned in the beautiful feathers and beadwork art passed down from their ancestors, dramatically portray the First Nations understanding of the world around us.  

The entire presentation is hosted by a member of the band, Barry Wesley, who explained the intricacies of the dance to the students before each segment.  His words brought the culture to life for the students, assisting them to see the world through new eyes. At the end of the performance, all of the students were invited to participate in a Circle Dance, connecting them to First Nations culture in a very real and practical way.